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Book Release Day

The long-awaited day is finally here! My book is out in the world.


I’ve had trouble writing a lot on this blog, but hopefully you are about to see a surge of posts. In the next month and a half, I will preach 5 times and will write accompanying devotionals and reflections for a number of those sermons. I will try to make all of that available here.

In the meantime, I wrote a book! and the church has been so gracious to host a book signing for me this Sunday. If you live in Huntsville, come to Cov Pres on Sunday morning to get your copy of the book, half off!

If you don’t live in Huntsville, you can purchase paperback or digital copies of the book at the online vendor of your choice.

Thank you all so much for your great support. I look forward to the conversations this book will generate and I’m hearing that there will be some great opportunities coming up for me to discuss the book and put it out there more. Stay tuned!