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Easter Prayer

The following is a prayer written for and prayed as the Prayers of the People in the 11:00 am service at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, April 21, 2019.

An Easter Prayer

by David Hunsicker

Creator God,

It is on this day more than any other day that we remember that you are re-creating your world. You did not forget us—you did not forsake us!

Lord, be with the church in Sri Lanka today. In the midst of their mourning, comfort them and let them know that they too have not been forsaken. Give them the capacity for love and forgiveness in the midst of what must be a terrible time of fear.

In your sou, Jesus Christ, we see the depths of your commitment to your creation—your commitment to us. And for that we give thanks.

By the power of your Spirit, help us to see the resurrection vision that you have for this world. Equip and empower us to practice resurrection here in hour neighborhood, with friend and stranger alike. In our workplaces and our schools, in our business transactions and our text messages, with our enemies and with our families—who we often treat worse than our enemies—help us to live our lives born-again, bearing witness to your world-changing resurrection.

Open our eyes to see the world in terms of your parables, so that we would know how to be your vigilant bridesmaids, awaiting your second coming; how to be good servants, who invest ourselves in the things that glorify you; how to envision the tree in the mustard seed, the abundant bread in the yeasty dough, your kingdom breaking into this world.

Mostly, Lord, we pray that you would show us how to be your children. How to see your creation as your beloved and us as your stewards and heirs. Give us reverence for this earth: these hills and oceans, these birds and fish, and all of these people. They belong to us because they belong to you. And you are making all of these things new.

Please, Lord God, make us new too—new in our midst and in our hearts, so that we will love what you love and care for what you care for.

We pray these things in your name.