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2017 by the numbers

This blog began this last fall because I wanted to force myself to write more frequently, and I wanted to create a digital footprint of my work and my interests that can serve as an online resume for future employers. In that short time, I mostly relied on social media to direct traffic to the site. As a result, I didn’t expect much traffic early on. I was, nevertheless, pleased. Here are 2017’s results:



My first post, about Eugene Peterson, drew the most traffic. This is probably the result of Peterson’s own popularity combined with the fact that my blog was new. Friends were probably interested to see what I was up to. The next most viewed blog was my reflection on the relationship between evangelical Christianity and white supremacy. This blog actually generated some good discussion on Facebook; I wish I would have opened comments on my blog, but I feared that it would get hijacked by trolls and spammers. 

In 2018, I hope to finish my American Evangelicalism series, build on my Refo500 series, and introduce a book-a-week series. Here’s too good intentions!